Healing Vibrations Healing the Soul Self

Healing the SOUL-SELF

Mother Earth and her inhabitants are on a Healing Journey of Spiritual Evolution. The Vibration around us is becoming lighter. We are noticing that what use to work doesn’t any more. We are restless, looking for something..

“But What?” you may be asking.

Working with people at all levels of a Spiritual awaking, I will guide you to an awareness of YOUR Beliefs – Beliefs that are YOUR Truth – that may no longer work for you.

In order for us to heal ourselves and the Planet, we must start with ourselves. We cannot heal someone else, but in the process of healing ourselves we will be healing those around us. As we become aware of and start to take responsibility for our words, thoughts, actions, and choices – we start the healing process.

Some of the tools that I use are:Merkaba Light Table

  • Merkaba Light Table
  • Emotional Release Process
  • Forgiveness Technique
  • Reiki
  • Ra-Sheeba Reiki
  • Tuning Forks
  • RainDrop Technique
  • Massage Therapy
  • In office and phone healing

I can help you Learn to:

  • Free yourself from cultural programming
  • Neutralize and release low energy vibrations stored in the Energy Bodies
  • Find the hidden causes of: Pain – Depression – Emotional Stress
  • Create a new reality by manifesting Your Hearts Desire

Classes and Healing Sessions Available
As a Certified Practitioner/Teacher of Theta Healing, and a teacher of energy healing techniques, Valerie shows us how easy it is to empower and heal ourselves. She teaches us how to free our-selves of limiting patterns, programs and beliefs. How to reconnect to our subtle bodies. To open our hearts and live, play and work in joy, harmony and peace. To trust our intuition and grow spiritually, moving into our highest potential so that we are free to prosper.